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Auto Leasing

Are you in the market to lease a new car, but dont want to deal with the hassle of driving around to a dozen dealerships in order to see all the vehicles youre interested in? If so, we can help. Here at New York Car Broker, we offer affordable car leasing option for virtually every make and model you can imagine. Just let us know what youre looking for, and well find it in the right trim package, and for the right price. You wont find a faster, easier, or more affordable way to lease a new vehicle in New York.

Car Lease Finance

Financing is one of the most important aspects of leasing any new vehicle. Unlike many dealerships, we are here to help you get the financing you need to not only lease a vehicle, but lease it with the best possible terms. Things like the interest rate of the lease finance deal can make a big difference on how much your monthly payment is, so make sure you dont ignore this important step in the leasing process. Contact one of our auto lease financing agents to learn more about what we can do for you today.

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Exit Your Lease

Did you know that you dont have to remain stuck in your lease until the end of the contract? All lease agreement have stipulations in them that give ways for you to get out of your lease early. If you have found that the vehicle you are driving now isnt meeting your needs, we can help you exit your lease quickly, and affordably. In many cases, we are able to reduce any lease termination fees or penalties so you can save money in the process. Our team is here to help you exit your lease, so please contact us today.

Lease Transfer

Transferring your lease to someone else is a great way to end your lease early, while providing someone else with a great vehicle that they will love. Your lease agreement allows you to transfer the responsibility of the lease to another party in many situations. Taking this option is surprisingly easy, and affordable. It can free you from your current obligations, so that you can get into a new vehicle that better meets your needs. We work with many customers who are looking to take over an existing lease, so please get in touch with us to start making the arrangements now.

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Sell Your Car

For many people, selling their current car is one of the more difficult and stressful parts of getting something new. Here at New York Car Broker, we are able to help you sell your car quickly, and also help ensure you get a fair market rate. We can buy just about any type of vehicle you happen to own, and use that money to offset the down payment on a new car lease that you will love. This means you dont need to worry about listing your vehicle, negotiating the price, or anything else. Well just take it off your hands for a great price.

Lease Return

When the end of your lease contract approaches, you will need to make sure you return it properly according to the terms or your original lease. Of course, you are also going to need to make sure you have a new car lined up so you dont go without transportation. Our team of leasing specialists can help you with both of these steps, and help ensure no mistakes are made too. We can take in lease returns whether you leased from us, or from another dealership, so please reach out to one of our auto lease experts now.

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Trade In Appraisal

Trading in your existing vehicle for a new one is a pretty common occurrence in the auto industry. Many people, however, worry that they will get ripped off by the dealerships, which is just out to pay as little as possible for each trade in. When you work with us, however, we will take the time to properly inspect your car and then make you a very fair offer based on the market value. If you agree to the deal, this money can be applied to your down payment on leasing a great new vehicle that you will love.

Wear & Tear

While owning a vehicle can have some advantages, the constant wear and tear that is put on the car is not one of them. Over time, things begin to wear out. Whether it is something small like headlights, break pads, tires, or belts, or it is something more major, the costs will start to add up. When you lease a car, however, you dont need to worry about the wear and tear. The most common types of issues dont start occurring during the length of the lease, and those that do, are typically covered under the warranty. Avoid having to deal with these issues by leasing a car with us.

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Wheel & Tire Protection

We are committed to providing our customers with the best leasing experience possible. One of the many ways we do this is by providing you with great wheel and tire protection. We know that tires can have issues due to potholes, construction debris, and many other things. If this should happen to you, please simply get in touch with us and we will have the tire or wheel fixed or replaced so you dont have to worry about a thing.

Pre Owned Vehicles

We have an extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles that we have taken in as trades, lease returns, and more. Each of these vehicles has gone through an extensive inspection, and any issues that were found were repaired by our team of professional mechanics. If youre in the market for a great pre-owned vehicle with low miles, please get in touch with us right away. Well help you find the perfect option, and get you driving it right away.

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